jcMotion Publishing is digital publishing platform

Through our online bookstore and iPad app, we provide quality e-literatures, e-books and e-lectures. The School’s professors and lecturers, and its strong alumni network in the media and communicaiton field publish articles and books, as well as organize public lectures that are pertinent to the society on a regular basis. Supplemented by multimedia formats, the excellent contents produced by jcMotion not only connect the School and the society, but also open up a lively space for dialogue among people from all walks of lives.
Three series of publications have been launched in 2013, including Hong Kong Culture and Society series, the “Pop” Monographs and the Student Award-winning Paper collection

香港中文大學新聞與傳播學院運營的電子出版平台jcMotion Publishing,以網上電子書店及iPad App, 提供高品質的電子文獻、電子書以及電子講座。學院教授、講師和傳媒界強大的校友網路,定期出版具有社會價值的文章、書籍,以及舉行公開講座。jcMotion推出的精彩作品,輔以多媒體形式,連繫學院與社會各界,開展活潑的對話空間。



Our online bookstore 我們的電子書店:




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The “Pop” Monographs:

No all studies termed academic are dull, especially when it comes to media and popular cultural studies. Based on empirical research and written in readable and accessible styles, the series features urban popular cultural scenes such as street dance, café culture, rock music, etc. It consists of observations of everyday life with academic eyes. Explore the intriguing side of “academic” research here!



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The Student Award-winning Paper collection:

As a collection of award-winning research from the School’s outstanding research students, these papers attained international recognition in peer-reviewed conferences—ICA, NCA, AEJMC, WAPOR, IAMCR and the like. Go through the pieces and be inspired!

(Available in English only)




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